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Пятница, 22 Октябрь 2021
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Элементы организации немецких оборонительных позиций

Элементы организации немецких оборонительных позиций в период ПМВ

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OP Shatrow
ОППК №143
Орудийно пулеметный полукапонир №143 Шатровского ОП Полоцкого УРа для установки ДОТ-4 и пулеметной установки НПС-3 периода постройки 1938-1939 гг. Сооружение не было полностью достроено, проведены лишь бетонные работы. На фотографии: вид с боковой стороны. Автор: В. Быков, февраль 2008

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History of fortifications is quite popular in many of European countries. Fortifications in Belarus often remain forgotten and neglected. Belarusian’s fortifications unknown outside our country. This is because we take decision to develop this website. Although we have many fortifications of different periods of time there are no any other Belarusian internet resources which represent all aspects of fortifications of Belarus. We will try to fill this gap.   

There are a number of peoples in our country who deals with history of fortification. Number of publications and articles were published as result of activity of these peoples in different sources like newspapers and magazines. Such magazines often are specialized subject and this makes some problems for peoples to get this information in easy way. We will try to publish such articles on our website and make such materials available for all peoples who interested in fortification.

Archival research is one of interesting and important part. Some of Belarusian colleagues make archive researches in Russian Military Archive where located materials related about Soviet fortifications. We will try publishing some archival materials on our website.

But the main goal of our project is introducing and popularization of Belarusian fortifications to worldwide.

We need to admit some positive changes related to popularization of fortification happen in Belarus last years. Most valuable event is opening of Historical Museum of Stalin Line near Zaslavl city (about 25 km far from Minsk) few years ago. Sector of Stalin Line bunkers was reconstructed and renovated as well other field fortifications. A few years before was opened small museum in Zaslavl city. One MG bunker of Stalin Line was renovated. In 2006 was opened memorial near Polotsk related to heroic defense of Polotsk Fortified Region in 1941.

We can mark out a number of internet resources in Belarus related to Belarusian fortifications. Most of such resources available only in Russian language. Most interesting is website of Alexandr Bazarnow named Stalin Line - Fortifications of Belarus. This website dedicated of Belarusian fortifications in general and primary to Soviet fortifications like Stalin Line and Molotov Line. (Our website is primary based on materials from this website). Information related to fortification in general can be found on Russian Fortification Website and big Forum on this website. Some information related to Soviets fortifications built in Belarus can be found on another website named “Stalin Line”. There are also other internet resources not primary related to fortifications but which touch some fortification related areas. Internet page of Military History Society RUBON where published information related to Grodno Fortress and some information related to Grodno Fortified Region. A number of internet pages dedicated to Brest Fortress. Website Brest Fortress related to history of Brest Fortress. Website www.ibrest.com related to history of Brest and history of Brest Fortress. Other internet resources related to Brest Fortress dedicated to heroic defense of fortress in 1941: Fire of War and Memorial of Brest Fotress.

But at the same time there are no any internet resources available where information about Polish and Germans WWI fortification published. We will try to fill this gap and publish such information on our website. We will try to cover all kind of Belarusian fortifications. It is very hard and big amount of work. Valuable result can be achieved only after certain period of time and with help of other peoples.

Project was created on non commercial base with voluntary participation of fortification history amateurs. (See ‘Participants’ section for details) We are opened for other peoples who want help us to develop this project!

We hope this website will be interesting for our visitors.

It is very important for us to know your opinion about our website. Please send us your feedback. This allows us to develop website in right direction.

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