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German's fortifications of WWII
Немецкий ДОТ в г. Минске
Немецкая охранная огневая точка в виде конуса. Имеет 3(?) амразуры, два уровня. Построен во время немецкой оккупации. Видна одна из заделанный амбразур. Автор: deadmoon Источник: www.fortification.ru
Случайная фотография из Галереи:

OP Shatrow
ОПК №158
Орудийный полукапонир №158 Шатровского ОП Полоцкого УРа для установки двух орудий 76мм периода постройки 1938-1939 гг. Сооружение не было полностью достроено, проведены лишь бетонные работы. На фотографии: смонтированный амбразурный узел обороны входа. Специфический способ установки дает основания полагать о что он установлен нештатным образом. Автор: В. Быков, февраль 2008

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Fortification of Belarus

Fortifications of Belarus – General Information


There are not so many countries exist on today’s Europe map where so many fortifications built by other countries located. Belarus is one of such countries. On this website we will try overview all kinds of Belarusian fortifications. We make an attempt to cover all most significant fortifications, describe why, when and who built such fortifications, which role was play (or did not play) these fortifications and what its state today.

Belarus located in the center of Europe. It has border with Poland at the West, with Russia at the East, with Ukraine at the South and with Lithuania and Latvia at the North. Total area of Belarus is about 200000 km2. It is a little smaller then area of Great Britain. Population of Belarus is nearly 10000000 peoples. The capital of Belarus is Minsk.

Being located at the center of Europe Belarusian territory participated of many historical events which occurred in Europe. The most important in XX century was participation in WWI and WWII. Located between Russia and powerful European countries, Belarusian lands often used as filed where neighbors countries resolved their problems. This is because borders of Belarus were changed many times. Territory of Belarus was often divided on separate parts which belong to different courtiers.  Only after USSR crash Belarus finally became as standalone and independent country. All described above lead to situation when many fortifications of different countries located now on territory of Belarus.

To understand situation we try to provide short historical review of historical events from end of XVIII century. At this time Belarusian lands was part of Rzecz Pospolita (Poland). After three divisions of Rzecz Pospolita (I- 1772, II-1793, III-1795) all territory of nowadays Belarus became part of Russian Empire. Actually at this period of time was flowering of fortress epoch and Russian Empire constructed number of fortresses. Some of them were built on Belarusian lands. WWI was started in 1914 and soon it came to Belarusian lands. During this time German army built a number of fortifications along all front line. After Russian Empire was crashed in 1917 Belarusian lands as well other neighbors lands became part of complicated political processes. As the result of these processes eastern lands of nowadays Belarus became a part of USSR as Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR). Western land became in 1920 part of Poland (II Recz Pospolita). Both Poland and USSR start protect its border with fortifications. As result on territory of Belarus today located many fortifications of USSR and Poland. In 1939 border line of USSR moved to the West and USSR built new fortifications to protect new border. After occupation of Belarusian lands in 1941 by Germans, was build number fortifications to protect cities and other places. In 1943 was build fortifications of “Panther Line” and “Tiger Line”.